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19-26 AUGUST 2023

Step up and build your sailing skills:

Race on Merit in Hamilton Island Race Week

Now you can race in this year’s Hamilton Island Race Week, on ‘Merit’. It’s a great way to build your sailing skills.

Only 6 places remaining; book now, as accommodation on island is filling up (some bunks available onboard if you’re stuck).

Hamilton Island Race Week on ‘Merit’ is a ‘must do’ event, whether you’re an experienced sailor or not.

We’ll make sure you’re given a position that suits your interests and skills so that you can make the most of your time on the water.

Hear what others say, after racing on ‘Merit’ for Hamilton Island Race Week

Book your place on ‘Merit’ for Hamilton Island Race Week

*** only 6 places left! ***


Hamilton Island Race Week is one of those experiences you grin about long after it’s done.

Your package includes:

PRICE: $2,795 inc. GST.

The training days

Practise the basics of sailing including hoisting, manoeuvring and dropping sails, including spinnakers. Two days of hands-on sailing around Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays.

Open to everyone including those with no previous experience.

This training days are part of the Hamilton Island Race Week Program for ‘Merit’. Find more details here.

Your Skipper

Owner/Skipper Michael Schwarzel holds a Royal Yachting Association Offshore Yachtmaster Certificate and is a qualified sailing instructor.

Experience? He’s crossed oceans, won trophies, dealt with those moments at sea you’d rather avoid, plus rebuilt ‘Merit’ almost from scratch after Cyclone Debbie. With his ‘plan, prepare, execute’ approach, even novices feel safe and have an excellent time participating on board.


“Wow! … Thank you for the experience of a lifetime.”

Ric Haydock

The Moreton Group

“I’d never been sailing before, much less on a vessel built for speed. What a truly enjoyable experience.”

Matt Giannini

“Don’t miss this great opportunity to experience offshore yacht racing at its best.”

Phil Killian

CoVid-19 Cancellation Policy

If the event is cancelled due to CoVid-19, Grand Prix Yachting will provide a full refund. If The Charterer is unable to attend the event due to a lockdown in their home state or region, Grand Prix Yachting will issue a full refund. However, if The Charterer is quarantined as an individual or part of a group, Grand Prix Yachting will not issue a refund and The Charterer should rely on their Travel Insurance.

*** Credit for the images of The Moreton Group on ‘Merit’ goes to the fabulous Lucinda Bartkaitas of LB Designs, who travelled as a guest of The Moreton Group. Lu is one gutsy photographer! ***